Web Radio Control is developed in Finland by Mikael Nousiainen, amateur radio call sign OH3BHX. Development is assisted by a community of amateur radio enthusiasts interested in remote operation. By subscribing you will help to fund the development of Web Radio Control.
We are also actively contributing to open-source amateur radio software, like the Hamlib radio control library.

Free trial

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Subscriptions (BETA)

The Web Radio Control subscription is available in multiple pricing tiers, depending on the features you need.

Upon purchase, you will receive an email containing your personal license and a download link for the software, delivered as an SD card image for Raspberry Pi. Your subscription will include all software updates released while your subscription is active.

You can choose to pay the software license yearly or quartely.
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30€ / year + tax

Basic remote control for 1 radio

  • Control for 1 radio
  • Phone (voice) operation
  • Web browser-based, no apps to install
  • Operate on phones, tables or desktop
  • High-quality, low-latency audio


50€ / year + tax

Operate on CW and digital modes

  • All Basic plan features
  • Control up to 2 radios
  • Digital modes (WSJT-X and fldigi)
  • CW keying from text and macros
  • Physical morse key support


75€ / year + tax

Complete station control

  • All Multi-mode plan features
  • Control up to 4 radios
  • Antenna rotator control
  • Antenna switch control
  • Relay control
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While Web Radio Control is fully functional, we are still in the process of refining some aspects of the software.
This includes mainly the installation procedure, which is slightly technical.