About Web Radio Control

Remote control for amateur radio stations via web browser.
Operate on phone, CW and digital modes.
Supports PC and Mac on desktop, Android and iOS on mobile.

Web Radio Control allows you to operate your station using a web browser. The actual software runs at your station on a Raspberry Pi, a credit card sized computer. You don’t need expensive radio equipment: a radio transceiver capable of computer control and a wire antenna are enough to get started!


Hardware installation overview

To set up remote control, you will need only a Raspberry Pi and Internet connectivity at your station. Web Radio Control uses the Raspberry Pi USB ports for controlling radio transceivers and antenna rotators. Many recent radios and rotator controllers have a USB port allowing direct connection to Raspberry Pi.

If your radio does not have a USB port, you can use a dedicated digital mode interface for USB connectivity. USB sound cards and serial port adapters are another option for connecting your radio to the Raspberry Pi.

You can also control antenna switches and relays either via the Raspberry Pi GPIO connector or via local network (LAN).

Remote access to the station requires an Internet connection with a public IP address. While a 3G connection is sufficient for remote control, a 4G/5G or a fixed broadband connection is recommended for lower audio latency. See detailed hardware requirements

Radio control

Operate any supported radio transceiver using a clean and simple user interface. Add related antenna rotators and antenna switches to the same view for quick access. Web Radio Control provides additional features for assistance, such as band plan view, audio spectrum waterfall and a VFO dial for touch screens.

Morse keyer

Use the morse keyer features to operate on CW. The keyer supports CW from typed text either in real time or from text macros. Alternatively, you can use a physical morse key by building a specialized USB morse key adapter based on the Arduino microcontroller platform.

Rotator control

Web Radio Control provides simple tools to control both azimuth and elevation rotators. You can also save and recall the rotator direction for fast access to commonly used rotator directions.

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